Our Affordable, Comprehensive Oral Health Care Plan

JK Dentistry's Wellness Program

Dental Care at Prices You Can Afford

As the cost of dental insurance coverage continues to increase, the out of pocket cost also continues to increase. This plan provides a participant the ability receive high quality, state of the art dental care without all of the inefficiencies and costs of insurance.

How it Works

The JK Dental Savings Plan has been designed to continue to offer our patients high quality dental care, while also offering an affordable option. Once the annual fee is paid and received for the program, you will be entitled to dental services for 12 months.

What are the benefits:

  1. NO deductible
  2. NO pre-authorizations
  3. NO annual maximum
  4. NO waiting periods
  5. NO pre-existing conditions
  6. NO surprises. You will always know exactly how much your treatment will cost you out of protect.

What are the benefits of the program

Prevention is covered 100% This includes:

  • two cleanings a year
  • fluoride twice a year (no age restrictions)
  • two routine exams
  • an intraoral cancer screening with the Velascope once a year
  • a set of full mouth x-rays once a year

Most treatment completed within the office will be discounted at a rate of 20% or 35% depending on the treatment.